Cool Facial Steamer

Cool Facial Steamer

Cool Facial Steamer

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Dewy Skin All Day, Every Day

Experience the deeply relaxing sensation of your own tiny portable cool steamer. With our Cool Facial Steamer, you can give your skin a well-deserved dewy pampering any time of day.

  • Relax - Fight afternoon work lag by indulging in a cooling treatment, guaranteed to ease your skin and mind.
  • Moisturize - The nano water particles effectively hydrates your skin, because of its ability to easily be absorbed into the skin.
  • All seasons - Give yourself a cooling treatment in the hot summer, or give dry skin a helping hand in the winter. Our cool steamer is an all-year-round must-have.
  • Humidify - The cool steamer can also be used to humidify any room. Simply turn it on, let it sit. Perfect for creating a more healthy work environment.
  • After applying makeup - Our cool steamer is very popular among professional makeup artists. As the atomized mist doesn't ruin foundation and makeup, they use it to refresh and rehydrate models’ skin once they've applied foundation and makeup. You can easily do the same!
  • After shaving - Facial mist is a great after-shave solution. Many men deal with dry and irritated skin, especially on the neck, after shaving. With our cool steamer, you can fight these problems in a cool and soothing way.

Additionally, our cool steamer is compact and light, making it perfect for traveling and everyday use. Our Mister produces pure water mist. No need to worry about allergic reactions or dangerous chemicals.

How does it work?

Our cool steamer, which technically is an "atomizer", uses high-speed vibration to break its liquid contents into those tiny, tiny particles.

The atomization process creates nano water particles that absorb into the skin better than a traditional face mist. Its cooling effect is going to help your skin retain moisture, constrict blood vessels, and tighten pores.


The PearlyPores™ Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with our product, we offer a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.
So if you feel dissatisfied for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible and we will work to make it right.


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